Jun 03

Bad flickr

I must apologise to everyone who was following us on this site. The photos have stopped due to a technical difficulty. Namely flickr changed. Now the site is unusable with an ipad over slow wifi, so I simply don’t have enough time to wait 10 min each time I wish to label a photo. Ahhhhhhhh, please bring back the old flickr.

You can find us still on


Rally sorry about this, however the images are still on fb


  1. Colin Canfield

    Hey Les,
    What is the flickr hassles, is it waiting for the plugin or the flickr site itself ? I’ve been playing with plugins a bit and have a few different ones now. Some much better than others…


    1. Les Canfield

      Hey col.

      No it’s when I try and label my multiple images with cations. I use an app to upload multiple images into a set, no problem. Then go into Flickr and edit the set to caption each image. This process used to be ez but now it takes mega time for each image. I can edit one image, but then Flickr changes into a stupid full screen and it just takes way to long to load. Thus making it unusable. :-(

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