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surly disk trucker


SurlyInBoxMy Surly in it’s box

picNicely put together by the blokes at Pump’n’pedals in Cairns.















How it came from the states.

In a nice BIG BOX.  :-)















Butterfly Bars
I put up with the racer bars for 3 months and then decided that I didn’t want to be a road racer anyway. Sooooo time to try out one of those weird looking tourer bars.









You may also notice I have installed two stems on the uncut steerer tube. The lower stem will be used to mount my Ortlieb handle bar bag, and perhaps a mirror or camera.








Sorted Just Need Tape
Weird you might say. Well, I needed to put my shifters somewhere and they didn’t fit in the new bar ends. I used some old mountain bike bar ends and this worked really well. It also gives me another spot place my hands.





These bars are really great. :-)











Handbrake Positions

The original brake levers just weren’t going to work. So I picked up a set of Shimano Deore cable leavers.

Here I’m checking out where the best position is for them. I ended up putting them on the lower part of the bars.


A clear shot of the handle bar bag bracket on the second stem.













All loaded up and ready to rock and roll.






Handlebar Valhalla I have forward Bar ends for the hard climbs when you really have to put the pressure on. The rear bar ends and the ape hanger handlebars with ergonomic hand grips are for pure comfort and crusing

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